Pilsen 2015 - European Capital of Culture


Pilsen is a city of industry and beer, a city on the way to the West, a city on the Golden Path of trade, a city of four rivers. These days it is a city which has also been granted the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture 2015.

Openness and creativity, permanent and sustainable transformation into a respected cultural metropolis, a space for the dialogue of cultures, ethnicities and nations, a wide-ranging engagement of citizens in the life of their home city – these are the key objectives of this project.

In the year 2015, Pilsen will fully open up to cultural Europe as a host of outstanding artists as well as being their self-confident partner, as a hidden treasure for the visitors to the city who will be able to discover its stories connected with architecture, historical events and industrial precincts.

Pilsen is making significant investment in cultural infrastructure. A new theatre building is being constructed as well as the Světovar culture factory, while a number of public spaces are being given a new face. At the same time, the European Capital of Culture project is an inspiration for both traditional cultural institutions and new players from the ranks of non-profit organisations and civil society. New opportunities for international cooperation arise as well as for the creation of exciting new productions, exhibitions, concerts and artistic interventions. New themes are being examined, new communications and relationships established.

The Pilsen 2015 project logo contains five dots. The dots are gradually becoming joined during the preparations. This might remind you of a die; we, however, are rather building dominos. For dominos to be fun you need to put together a lot of pieces which connect in their content and communicate with each other. Dominos shows a journey and at the same time a construction requiring patience, a sense of anticipation and proportion, stamina and even courage at times, all rewarded by a short yet intense experience.

Come and join us in watching the pieces of the programme being put together; come and meet all those building the dominos with us and let us take you on an exciting path to an inconspicuous, yet more interesting dot on the map of Europe.


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